About Us

About Us

FUSION ARTSY is an online shop that carries different products from home decor, New York souvenirs, clothing, accessories and more!


Creates and designs all the art work that you see in this page.


Hi there! I'm Cindy Feng, the creative mind behind Fusion Artsy, a shop based in New York that I founded in 2020 amidst the challenges of the pandemic. As a grad student juggling my responsibilities in Boston, I unexpectedly found myself with more time during the lockdown, leading me to fully immerse myself in my passion for drawing.

During this time, I was inspired by a friend's artistic pursuits on an iPad, prompting me to get one for myself. In between classes and work, I began illustrating during my spare moments. Despite being in Boston, I frequently made the journey to New York City every month, captivated by its inspirational surroundings. Over time, my connection with the city deepened, fostering a profound love for it.

Fusion Artsy's designs are a reflection of the essence of New York City and Brooklyn, with a strong focus on supporting women in various capacities. This commitment is evident through my collaborations with Little Market NYC (@littlemarketnyc).

Currently residing in Bushwick, Brooklyn, I actively balance my time between creating art, cherishing quality moments with my family, and enjoying the company of my partner and our two beloved rescue dogs.

Cindy Feng | Fusion Artsy | Rescue Dogs
Fusionartsy.com offers free shipping, and mobile shopping  experience where you can see all the products and select your favorite one by just on click

Shopping at fusionartsy.com is very convenient because all the prints are packed carefully and individually in a cardboard mailer or in a cardboard tube for larger prints (all packages are labeled with Fragile- Do Not Bend stickers in the outside) for a proper manage from the USPS.